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Routine Rock Properties

Turret Hassler Full Diameter Coreholder

Turret Hassler Holder (Multi-Full Diameter) is used for containing extracted and dried full-diameter core samples for use with a steady state gas permeameter or helium porosimeter depending for vertical permeability and maximum and 90 degrees to maximum horizontal permeability or pore volume determinations.

The unit consists of a base unit with an air driven hydraulic ram and up to four core holders, each designed for a specific range of diameters to be used separately with a maximum length up to 12 inches. Each core holder consists of an outer body and an inner mandrill and sleeve capable of taking core samples in the specified diameter ranges. Standard diameter ranges for the outer body are for 2 to 2 7/8 inch, 3 to 3 7/8 inch, 4 to 4 7/8 inch and 5 to 5 7/8 inch core samples.

The standard aluminum core holders can be replaced with Titanium core holders that along with up-rated hydraulics and oil driven confining pressure system allow for confining pressures up to 7,500 psi to be obtained.

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