Information & Cyber Security

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Safeguarding Information

We are committed to safeguarding intellectual property rights and personal data, which includes protecting the Company’s intangible assets and proprietary information from unauthorized access and ensuring their efficient and proper use. This includes a commitment to:

  • Maintaining strict confidentiality of technical and personal data
  • Implementing security measures to limit access to proprietary information
  • Ensuring company property and information are not used for improper gain

Cyber Security

Securing our information, whether it be personnel records, client data, or financial reports, is a top priority for Core Lab. We require two factor authentication from our employees prior to granting access to Company IT assets and have launched endpoint security software to guard against malware, viruses, and other cyber attacks. We also use Security Information and Event Management (“SIEM”) software, which automates IT system monitoring for unusual or suspicious activity.

We believe that each of our employees has a role in ensuring that the information we store and share electronically is done so with the utmost care and responsibility. To that end, we have taken several steps to ensure our employees are well trained on how to handle, share, and maintain our information.

  • 1500+ hours of awareness training to global employees through annual e-learning and video series
  • 150+ additional hours of technical security training to technical staff
  • Cyber security information shared with employees globally through newsletters and fliers
  • Cyber liability policy covering internet-based risks and those related to information technology infrastructure and activities.
  • The company has not experienced an information security breach in the last three years

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