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Dutch Tax withholdings and Translation from US Dollars to Euros

The Company’s dividends are determined and paid in US Dollars. However, the associated Dutch tax withholdings are determined and paid to the Dutch tax authorities using the European Central Bank exchange rate on the dividend payment date. The exchange rates used for the Company’s filing of the taxes withheld for dividends paid are as follows:

Dividend Payment European Central Bank - Exchange Rate USD to EUR
29-Nov-2021 1.1276
24-Aug-2021 1.1740
18-May-2021 1.2222
16-Feb-2021 1.2143
17-Nov-2020 1.1882
10-Aug-2020 1.1763
19-May-2020 1.0950
14-Feb-2020 1.0842
19-Nov-2019 1.1077
12-Aug-2019 1.1194
21-May-2019 1.1161
15-Feb-2019 1.1260
20-Nov-2018 1.1421
13-Aug-2018 1.1403
22-May-2018 1.1794
16-Feb-2018 1.2464
21-Nov-2017 1.1718
14-Aug-2017 1.1797
23-May-2017 1.1215
17-Feb-2017 1.0650
22-Nov-2016 1.0617
15-Aug-2016 1.1180
24-May-2016 1.1168
19-Feb-2016 1.1096
24-Nov-2015 1.0651
17-Aug-2015 1.1100
22-May-2015 1.1164
20-Feb-2015 1.1298
25-Nov-2014 1.2424
18-Aug-2014 1.3383
23-May-2014 1.3630
21-Feb-2014 1.3707
20-Nov-2013 1.3527
19-Aug-2013 1.3344
24-May-2013 1.2939
22-Feb-2013 1.3186


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