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Proprietary Projects

Drawing from the wide variety of current technologies offered by Core Lab, we have developed programs to address current drilling and production challenges faced by our clients. These programs often include integration of data from the log scale to the pore system level and are supported by a staff of senior level geologists, petrophysiscts and engineers. They are a result of numerous large-scale reservoir management projects where Core Lab has applied proprietary and state-of-the-art techniques from the very earliest phases of exploration through the last stages of production.

Proprietary Projects

Fracture Stimulation Optimization

Integrated Reservoir Solutions offers this program to aid in the enhancement of well performance in tight gas sand reservoirs. This is a complete evaluation package that is comprised of several components. Analyses are optimally performed on conventional cores but rotary sidewall cores or cuttings may used or a combination of both. More information.

Rock Based Petrophysics

Incorporating rock types and their petrophysical properties from the analysis of cores, sidewall cores and cuttings is the key to improved log interpretation. Many log analysis techniques are based on a "black box" approach. Our approach to enhanced formation evaluation utilizes well known principles, experience developed over decades and cutting edge technology resulting in real bottom line implications. More information.

Seal Rock Analysis

Seals are an important, often overlooked component of the hydrocarbon system. Knowing the entry pressure of the seal rock and the hydrocarbon-brine interfacial tension, the hydrocarbon column height can be accurately predicted. With additional information on reservoir saturation and capillary pressure, up dip and down dip limits on the reservoir can be inferred. More information.

D-Code Drilling

Leveraging our combined interdisciplinary expertise and large proprietary rock properties database, Core Laboratories can D-Code™ any well. Easily optimize ROP, stability, landing zone selections and completions programs using drilling data gathered during any current or legacy program. No additional logs, tools or lab measurements required. More information.

Reservoir Characterization

Our geological staff provides expert reservoir characterization through reservoir description, petrographic analyses and sedimentological studies. Factors controlling reservoir quality and performance are identified and scaled upward from the microscopic scale, to the zone of interest, to the well bore, to regional setting.

Completions and Stimulations

The engineering staff uses analyses of rock-fluid compatibility, flow back efficiency, regained permeability, proppant embedment properties, and geomechanical laboratory testing to provide evaluation of borehole stability and recommendations for completions and fracture stimulation optimization.

Simulations and Production Forecasting

The most recent and updated software is used with input data from the laboratories reservoir simulations/models and production forecasting.

Shale Evaluation Program

Reconnaissance for cuttings and rotary sidewall cores.

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