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Spotfire FAQ
RAPID/Spotfire Analytics

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Spotfire FAQ

  • What is TIBCO Spotfire?
    Spotfire's Enterprise Player, when combined with Core Lab's RAPID database, allows our clients to perform analytics on the data sets being generated in our Joint Industry Projects. Each active Joint Industry Project has a Spotfire Analytical Template associated with it which allows our clients to investigate the various data sets through tabular and graphical displays. Each display can be filtered by a wide variety of data types stored in our RAPID database such as formation, country, geologic basin, porosity, permeability, geochemistry parameters, etc. Spotfire is extremely easy to use and provides a powerful resource in reservoir evaluation.
  • Is TIBCO Spotfire a Core Lab product?
    No. The Spotfire Enterprise Player is a product of TIBCO, which Core Lab licenses for use in conjunction with our Joint Industry Projects. The Analytical Templates themselves are a product of Core Laboratories. In order to facilitate the transfer of data from our RAPID database to our Spotfire Analytical Templates, Core Lab developed RAPIDLink which automatically delivers all data to which a client is entitled.
  • Do a lot of companies use Spotfire and find it helpful?
    Yes! Companies have found the tool useful for finding and analyzing trends that may otherwise go unnoticed.
  • How many seats does my company get for the project it just joined?
    Unless otherwise stated in your consortia study contract, 5 seats.
  • How do I arrange for access?
    The names and email addresses of each individual can be sent to: Each user will subsequently receive instructions for accessing and configuring the Spotfire template.
  • Is it a floating seat? Can more than one person use the same seat as long as they are accessing at different times?
    The seats are assigned to a specific individual. They cannot be assigned to a portal or generic account. 5 seats = 5 individuals. Of course, seats can be re-assigned as needed.
  • If I only have one seat, can my seat access multiple Core Lab templates?
    Seats are not interchangeable between projects. For example, a "Haynesville" seat cannot access the "Marcellus" template. However, if your individual account was granted access to a Haynesville and Marcellus seat, you would then have two seats, and therefore be able to access both templates.
  • I have more than one Spotfire seat through participation in multiple Core Lab Projects. Can I access all of my shale data through a single template?
    Maybe. Each seat allows a client to access an individual analytical template. For instance, a "Haynesville Shale" seat, can only access the Haynesville template while a "Marcellus" seat can only access the Marcellus template. For individual clients that have seats for more than one shale template for instance, we include an additional template which can incorporate all available shale data sets into a single shale analytical template.
  • What if I already have Spotfire? Can I access using my own full version?
    If you already have a Spotfire Professional version that is compatible with Core Lab's current supported version, you may access by pointing your software to the Core Lab Spotfire server. We will be happy to supply the details.
  • When do the seats expire?
    Seats typically expire three (3) years from contract execution. If you would like to keep any seats after that, there is a nominal annual fee. As your expiration approaches we will contact you with the details to maintain your access.
  • Can I have a brief demo covering Spotfire and/or RAPID?
    We will be happy to provide a live demo on Spotfire and/or RAPID. If you are not in Houston, I can give the demo via WebEx.

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