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North East Basins, Brazil - Reservoirs and Seals

Almada- Sergipe Alagoas

CORELAB is pleased to announce initiation of a new comprehensive and fully integrated multi-disciplinary study of the North Eastern Offshore Basins Brazil. This new geological sciences and petrophysical dataset will incorporate stratigraphy, geochemistry, reservoir geology, seal rock analysis and petrophysics, based on core, cuttings, SWC, well log data and fluid samples from approximately 60 representative wells, across the Jequitinhona, Almada, Camamu and Sergipe Alagoas Atlantic Margin Basins. Initial study results will start to become available during Q3 2017, via the project website, while interim results will be uploaded at regular intervals until project completion, projected to be end Q2, 2018.

Figure 1 – Map

Project Spotlight

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