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South America

Published geological studies, as well as Core Laboratories' 1992 non-exclusive Sub-Andean oil study, indicate that the oil/source relationships in Peru have previously not been well understood. Knowledge of the location of effective source rocks and their relationship to reservoired oil will help delineate migration pathways and evaluate the most attractive exploration plays. In addition, the identification and location of pre-Cretaceous source rocks could target deeper plays for future exploration. The study provides a comprehensive geochemical database for the Mesozoic and Paleozoic source rocks in the Sub-Andean Basins of Peru.

The study area, includes all of the Sub-Andean Basins in Peru. A total of thirty-one (31) oil samples and potential source rocks from seventy-eight (78) outcrop locations and twenty-eight (28) wells ranging from Paleozoic to Tertiary in age were analyzed in detail.

The geochemical study provides the following information and data:

  • Regional evaluation of source rock richness, thermal maturity, and oil generation ability of Cretaceous and pre-Cretaceous source rocks in the Sub-Andean Basins
  • Location of Paleozoic and Mesozoic source rock kitchens
  • Correlation of analyzed source rocks with genetic oil families
  • Identification of migration pathways between source rock kitchens and reservoirs
  • Definition of the most favorable areas and plays based on oil/source rock relationships

The analytical results of the study are presented in two data sets. Set one (1) contains the comprehensive crude oil report. The oil data are organized by well and seep location and are presented in tables, gas chromatograms, and mass fragmentograms. All oil and source data are also provided in digital form.

A comprehensive synthesis and interpretation of the analytical data and the available geological data is presented in the final report. Graphical displays in the final report include cross plots, histograms, and other statistical output illustrating the analytical data. Maps providing distributions of the different genetic oil families, the source rock maturity trends, organic richness trends, and overall hydrocarbon-generating ability are also provided. Measured sections for outcrop locations are presented on CD-ROM.

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