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Regional Rock-based Evaluation of Pre-Salt Reservoirs
Onshore and Offshore Angola

New Analyses of Clastic and Carbonate Reservoirs of the Lower Congo, Kwanza and Benguela Basins

Presented by Core Laboratories and supported by Sonangol

This rock-based evaluation of reservoirs facies in the onshore and offshore basins of Angola extends a comprehensive study completed in the southern Atlantic Margin in offshore Namibia and South Africa, adding to Core Laboratories’ significant portfolio of Atlantic Margin studies.

This multi-disciplinary study, incorporates stratigraphy, reservoir geology, geochemistry analysis and petrophysics, based on core, cuttings, well log data and fluid samples from 59 wells across the onshore and offshore Angola. The datasets generated in the study are available via the project website/ RAPID database. The project completion is projected to be end Q2, 2017.

Figure 1 – Map

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