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XRF - Brinell Hardness


Integrated Reservoir Solutions division of Core Lab is offering an extended analysis package exclusively to joint industry project members.

High resolution XRF elemental analysis and Brinell Hardness measurements in multiple formations (3” to 6” spacing).

Data acquisition of hand-held XRF and Brinell Hardness with coincident lab-based XRF – ICP/MS measurements for increased data confidence.

Integration of elemental and brittleness data with existing JIP data including XRD, TOC, rock mechanics, and other rock properties.

Areas of Interest

  • Delaware Basin - Wolfcamp
  • Marcellus Shale
  • Utica Shale
  • Eagle Ford Shale
  • Tight Oil Midland Basin
  • Upper Devonian
  • Niobrara Formation
  • Haynesville Shale

Brinell Hardness

  • Non-destructive brittleness profile based on impact rebound.
  • Implications for proppant embedment and fracture propagation.
  • Integrated with elemental signatures of XRF.

X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF)

  • Non-destructive whole-rock geochemistry for high-resolution chemical stratigraphy.
  • Calibrated with lab-based XRF – ICP/MS to increase confidence in generated data.
  • Integrated with existing XRD, TOC, density, porosity, permeability, rock mechanics, fluid sensitivity, unpropped fracture conductivity, and facies analysis.


  • Identification of zones with high levels of organic matter.
  • Develop mechanical heterogeneity and brittleness relationships to predict hydraulic fracturability as well as fracture propagation.
  • High resolution lithological characterization to highlight microstructure, chemical variability, and expanded facies analysis.
  • Integration of elemental signatures with XRD, TOC, and other rock properties to develop proxies for organic concentration, detrital input, dilution, biogenic contribution, volcanic input, and more.
  • Correlate brittleness profile, elemental results, and other core-based rock properties with log data to predict geomechanical properties in non-cored wells.
  • Identify optimal zones for production and stimulation.
  • Assist in geosteering and refinement of lateral position.
  • Map user-defined parameters and apply in cross-section displays.


  • WellCAD™ panels depicting the integration of brittleness profile, elemental signatures, detailed core descriptions, and a complete suite of corresponding rock property data.
  • User-defined Spotfire™ analytics include cross-plots and inter-data correlations displaying stratigraphic and regional variation of elemental and hardness data.
  • XRF, Brinell Hardness, and lab-based XRF – ICP/MS are archived within RAPID™.

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