PAC™ Limited Penetration Perforating Systems

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Owen’s PAC™ (Plug & Abandonment - Circulation) line provides a superior option to standard tubing/casing punch charges in regards to limited penetration. These charges are capable of producing 0° to 360° coverage of the primary string with consistent exit hole diameters for less impeded cement flow. These charges utilize manufacturing and packaging processes that allow for easy shipment and fast delivery to the customer.

This technology should be used when needing to establish communication between two strings of tubing or casing. The system with the largest possible running diameter should be chosen to achieve maximum hole size in the primary string. For well abandonment or zonal isolation, a PAC™ system with 360° coverage is recommended. This will improve the quality of the cement plug and drastically reduce the time for completion. For establishment of circulation or applications where reduced area open to flow in required, 0° phased systems are recommended. These systems provide consistent hole sizes and minimal controlled damage to the secondary string.

These systems are designed and developed to produce limited damage to secondary string regardless of primary to secondary string orientation. All PAC™ charges are tested with the primary string lying directly against the secondary string (no collar offset) to simulate a worst case scenario. Owen also offers PAC™ options to perforate through multiple strings, for establishing communication to the C and D annulus, without damaging the outer string.

Key Features:

  • Capable of providing 0° to 360° perforation coverage of primary string to establish communication with annulus
  • Produces consistent entry hole to assist in cement squeeze and circulation operations
  • Large Area Open to Flow for less impeded cement flow and more homogenous cement plug
  • Limited damage to secondary string regardless of primary to secondary string orientation
  • Product offerings for gun sizes ranging from 1-9/16 in to 7 in

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Our Charge Performance Data can help you to find the right charge for your gun system.

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