HERO® Perforating Systems - Perforating Charges
(High Efficiency Reservoir Optimization Perforating System)


Owen Oil Tools’ HERO-HR™, SUPER HERO® and HERO® charges, due to their advanced, patented technology liner material, leave a clean perforation tunnel that helps to reduce frac breakdown pressures. Years ago, in an effort to increase penetration, Owen began adding tungsten to deep penetrating shape charges. Though this did result in considerable improvement, the added tungsten produced undesirable debris that significantly reduced the effectiveness of the perf tunnel volume.

Owen’s patented liner in the HERO-HR™, SUPER HERO® and HERO® charges contain molybdenum, and have improved geometry to yield a larger perf tunnel and prevent spent tungsten from becoming a solid. When it comes to lower break down pressures and putting the frac job away, Owen’s HERO-HR™, SUPER HERO® and HERO® charges give you not only deep penetrating performance, but more effective flow efficiency.

Benefits and Capabilities:

  • The ‘HERO®’ Line of Perforating Gun Systems incorporates the latest in ‘New Technology’ developed by Owen Oil Tools and is also certfied under new API RP 19B Standards.
  • Utilizing our patented liner materials and newly developed liner designs, the ‘HERO®’ line of Gun Systems provides extreme deep penetration without the debris associated with other high density liner materials.
  • Our ‘Three Tier’ Perforating Gun Systems offers the industry choices based on their completion design requirements and formation demands.

Utilize EPA to Predict Charge Performance Based on Your Specific Well Conditions.

Our Charge Performance Data can help you to find the right charge for your gun system.

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