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ReFRAC Perforating Technology, the first offering of its kind in the industry, helps completion teams boost efficiency and production in mechanical isolation-type recompletions.

In mechanical isolation type recompletions, a liner is run and cemented inside the existing well’s perforated casing, isolating old perforations and allowing for new plug-and-perf operations. Modern-day perforating charges, including charges designed to deliver consistent hole sizes for new completions in a single string of casing, produce small and inconsistent hole sizes when shot through two strings of tubulars. While it is possible to hydraulically fracture through the smaller holes, perforation friction is high, pump rates are low, time per stage is excessive, and results are less than optimal.

Core's ReFRAC Perforating Technology is engineered to deliver optimal and consistent holes through both strings of tubulars, regardless of gun position, allowing for new zones to be effectively pumped and stimulated. Operators have reported that the performance benefits of ReFRAC include more effective operations, delivering up to double the number of stages per day over other modern-day perforating systems. Operators have also reported that ReFRAC’s performance is predictable from stage-to-stage and well-to-well. In achieving these breakthroughs, ReFRAC technology enhances ROI by minimizing risks, time, and costs, while maximizing stimulated reserve volume (SRV).

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