EPA© (Engineered Perforator Analysis)

For many years the Engineered Perforator Analysis program, EPA©, has served as a benchmark to assist customers in selecting the best perforating solution for their completion. Owen Oil Tools is pleased to provided you with access to the program, downloadable from our site.

Complete the EPA Simulation Request Form to have your simulation run. Results will be emailed to you as quickly as possible. CLICK HERE

This download is for users who want to run the simulation themselves. Read and follow the directions to sucessfully install the program. You will need to have Adminstrative Rights to your computer in order to achieve the download.

  1. Click on the bolded words above "EPA PROGRAM DOWNLOAD" - this will automatically download the .zip file to your downloads folder.
  2. Go to your downloads folder: Right click on mouse on 'EPA" to extract the .zip file to your programs folder
  3. Run the epa.msi (the program will be now loaded but not yet operational without a Username and Password
  5. Update the epa database, link below (The program is now ready to be used)

Last Updated March 30, 2021
This download is for users who already have the EPA 2002 application installed on their PC.

  1. Click on the bolded words "EPA DATABASE DOWNLOAD" above. You will be downloading file to your desktop.
  2. To unzip: Double click the EPA zip file, a window will open, highlight EPA2001.mdb and click Extract on the menu bar. You will be asked where you want to save the file.
  3. Save the updated database file to the EPA2002 program folder. The default location is C:\Program Files\EPA2002.
  4. You will be asked if you wish to replace the existing file, select YES.
  5. Open the EPA 2002 application as you usually do. Select the MAINTENANCE MENU option, select USER IDENTIFICATION, type in your name, etc.
  6. You now have the latest Engineered Perforator Database from Owen Oil Tools. When running the program see the “Notes” section of the first Input page for the Database date.
  7. If you have any questions or experience problems please click here to send us an email

Questions? Comments? Technical Problems?

The EPA© application was created to mechanize the calculation of casing hole sizes and perforation length for a given gun system in a given well configuration. The application uses the “Method of Equivalents” presented by Ed Colle and Ken D. Honeycutt as the basis for these calculations. The “Method of Equivalents” uses API RP 19B Section 1, Section 2, API RP 43 Section 1 and mild steel penetration data to calculate the mild steel equivalents for the fluid, cement and formation. These equivalents are then used to calculate the perforation length and casing hole sizes. The “Method of Equivalents” is the only method currently being used by the oil and gas industry that will reproduce API Section 1 and Section 2 data with zero error. It is extremely important that any method accurately duplicate surface data since it is virtually impossible to confirm the performance at normal working depths.

The EPA© is a 2-tier application. EPA© is an upgraded version of the original EPA program (DOS based) and contains improved calculation methods. The application uses a graphical user interface (GUI).

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