ZERO180™ - Gun System

ZERO180™ Gun System is specifically designed to help lower completion costs and increase production results in horizontal wells. Two primary features which differentiate the ZERO180™ gun system are:

  1. 1. It can orient perforations in any pre-determined direction.
  2. 2. It can be shot sequentially using conventional switching systems.

This allows multiple guns to be run and oriented on the same trip into the well. The ZERO180™ system can be shot using conventional conveyance systems such as wireline, coiled tubing, or tubing conveyed perforating (TCP).

  • Case Study 1:
  • - Hydraulic fracturing breakdown pressure reduction of 2400 psi (16.5 Mpa) with same flow rate as similar wells.
  • - Open perforation flow area calculated 100% of the ZERO180™ gun oriented perforations to be open.

  • Case Study 2:
  • - Hydraulic fracturing breakdown pressure reduction of 600 to 1200 psi (4 to 8Mpa).

  • Case Study 3:
  • - The Zero180™ Oriented Perforating Gun System was used to Plug and Perf a horizontal shale well in western Canada. This well utilized fiber optic located on the outside of the casing for real time monitoring, the Zero180™ perforating guns were oriented to avoid perforating the fiber optic line. The toe of the well was perforated with Coiled Tubing deployed Zero180 perforating guns configured with the HTD-BLAST™ time delay system. The wireline pump down Plug and Perf operation was completed with Zero180™ guns configured with addressable select fire switches. A total of 140 Zero180™ perforating guns successfully perforated the 20 stage well while avoiding perforating the fiber optic line.

The ZERO180™ Gun System offers:

  • Accurate shot placement/Uniform hole size
  • Positive orientation in deviated well bore - increased accuracy over eccentric weights bars and finned swivel subs
  • Charge tube rotates independent of gun
  • Charge orientation not affected by well bore debris or downhole conditions
  • Does not require additional down-hole equipment
  • Minimizes total gun length & connections
  • Designed for stimulation/Reduced break-down and treating pressures
  • Orientation adjustments to avoid control lines in smart well applications

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