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Ballistics Delivery Systems (BDS)

Shock Absorber Tool

The Shock Absorber Tool (SAT) is intended for use in perforating and other ballistics operations where shock protection for more sensitive tool-string elements is required.

It is designed to withstand high bending moments and still perform its shock-absorbing role. Smaller tools are supplied with GO A heads, whilst the larger tools for heavy duty applications are supplied with GO B (1 5⁄8" 6TPI). Versions with client specific heads are also available.

The SAT is unique in that not only does it provide shock absorption for forces from below but it also absorbs the shock when the tool string drops back down hole. This ensures that the weakpoint is constantly protected against high shock loads.

Product features

  • 20 AFS devices deployable in a single string.
  • Controlled using the same surface equipment and software as Owen Instrumentation's BDS products.
  • No seperate perforating panel required.
  • Affords RF immunity to 52 ohm detonators when electrically connected to the AFS.
  • Integral electronic RF immunity detonator safety short.
  • Complies with API RP67.
  • Drop in replacement for EB style switches.
  • Allows full surface test of gun wiring prior to deployment.

Product Application

  • Designed to control the connection of oilfield resistorised detonators to the wireline during a select fire perforating operations.

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