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Ballistics Delivery Systems (BDS)

Shock Detection Tool

The Shot Detection Tool (SDT) is designed to detect the shock form a gun firing or a shear stud in a plug parting during the process of firing the detonator using Owen Instrumentations Sentinel software. In horizontal wells it is not always possible to to confirm if a plug has set using traditional methods. Employing the SDT can save several hours tripping out of hole with live guns to confirm it has set, or worse, firing the guns and then discovering that the plug never set and the zones cannot be fraced.

Additionally knowing real time if a gun has misfired may allow the operator to reassign one of the other guns in the string if this is a critical zone. Knowing if a gun has misfired allows crews to take approproiate safety measures when bringing a misfired gun back to surface giving time to brief all personnel.

The logging information from the SDT is provided real time to the engineer using Owen Instrumentation's Sentinel software and surface acquistion system.

Product features

  • Perforating Shock Detection.
  • Gives user real time confirmation of gun firing or plug setting.
  • Operates with Owen Instrumentation's Select Fire Switch (SFS).
  • Withstands 1500g shock.

Product Application

  • Frac operations where it must be confirmed that the plug has set before perforating comences.
  • Safety critical operations where misfired guns may be brought back to surface.
  • Wells where there are critical zones that must be perforated.
  • Allows operator to run an additional gun in a string to re-perforate misfired zones.

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