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Ballistics Delivery Systems (BDS)

Voltage Sensing Switch

The Voltage Sensing Switch (VSS) is designed to prevent a short circuit, below the VSS tool, caused by power going to ground and preventing operation of a Owen Instrumentation Ballistics Delivery System. This would generally happen after a gun has been fired.

The VSS is generally set up to allow any positive voltage (Owen Instrumentation Ballistics Delivery System tools operate on -82vdc) applied to its upper head to pass through while any negative voltage is blocked until it reaches -130vdc. If more than -130vdc is applied it will pass through the tool. If required it can be set up to block positive voltage and by pass negative.

Product features

  • Is configurable to work with multiple detonators including:
    • Igniters
    • Standard 50 ohm resistorised dets
    • Halliburton Red dets
    • EBW/EFI dets such as PX1 and Secure
  • Allows bypass of power for operation of tools and or guns below the VSS.

Product Application

  • Perforating operations.
  • Any operation where the application of negative power to the toolstring below would not be suitable.

Available Downloads

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