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Production Logging Systems

Bowspring Fullbore Flowmeter

The Bowspring Fullbore Flowmeter (BFF) is a short, bowspring fullbore flowmeter designed for use with Owen Instrumentation's Production Logging Tools. The 5 arm bow spring cage of the flowmeter also provides sufficient centralisation force to eliminate the requirement for a lower centraliser when deployed with a typical production logging string.

The BFF is supplied as standard with Owen Instrumentation's MonoPin Bus technology, which is compatible with the low-cost Pocket Production Logging (PPL) suite and has the simplicity of plug 'n' play operation. The bowspring cage can be quickly swapped for either a smaller cage suitable for tubulars down to
3 5⁄8" casing (BFM-A) or a fixed cage section (FCG-C, D or E).

Product features

  • All Owen Instrumentation tools are manufactured in NACE specification (MRO175) materials for use in wells containing H2S/CO2.
  • Simple Plug "n" Play Operation.
  • Bowspring Cage can be easily changed for differing tubing diameters.

Product Application

  • Flow rate measurement in low to medium flow wells.

Available Downloads

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