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Production Logging Systems

Pressure-Water Holdup Tool

The Pressure-Water Hold Up tool (PWH) offers a combined, compact dual sensor that measures both wellbore pressure and a water hold up. The tool is designed for use both as part of a core production logging tool and in simple pressure surveys. The combined device allows a simpler rig-up and reduced tool length combined with a greater reliability through a reduced number of mechanical and electronic connections.

Maintenance is greatly simplified by use of a permanently installed ‘In-Board Disconnect’, which allows the multipin electrical connection at the upper head to be removed without the necessity for desoldering or disconnection of wires.

The pressure sensor is fitted with an industry-standard high-precision quartz gauge and available in different pressure ratings ensuring it is accurate for long term pressure build up surveys and fluid level identification.

Key to the effective measurement of the PWH is the fact that the water hold up insulator within the tool is manufactured with a specially developed coating material which effectively eliminates ‘wetting’ of the insulator. ‘Wetting’ causes many tools to indicate a water reading, even when the surrounding fluid is hydrocarbon.

Product features

  • Compact dual sensor design.
  • Industry standard high resolution quartz pressure gauge.
  • Improved hold up response due to special coating on sensor to eliminate fluid 'wetting' effect.
  • Simplified maintenance.

Product Application

  • Wellbore pressure surveys and fluid level identification.
  • To determine the proportion of water to hydrocarbon in the wellbore.
  • Wells where minimising rig up length is important.

Available Downloads

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