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Production Logging Systems

Quartz Pressure Tool

The Quartz Pressure Tool (QPT) is available as part of the Owen Instrumentation's ultra-short Production Logging suite of tools and is fitted with Owen Instrumentation’s MonoPin Bus (MPB) technology offering low cost and plug ‘n’ play simplicity of operation.

The tool is fitted with an industry-standard high-precision quartz gauge and available in different pressure ratings ensuring it is accurate for long term pressure build up surveys and fluid level identification.

Maintenance is greatly simplified by use of a permanently installed ‘In-Board Disconnect’, which allows the multipin electrical connection at the upper head to be removed without the necessity for desoldering or disconnection of wires.

Product features

  • Industry standard high precision quartz gauge.
  • Multiple pressure gauge options.
  • Simple "Plug & Play" operation.

Product Application

  • Fluid level identification.
  • Long term pressure build up surveys.
  • Core production logging tool.

Available Downloads

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