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Production Logging Systems

Radioactive Fluid Density Tool

The RFD provides a fluid density measurement in any well orientation using a low activity Americium source. The source and detector are shielded to provide an accurate measurement of the well bore fluid. Owen Instrumentation’s unique spectral measurement approach, removes the influence of radioactive scale and NORM within the wellbore preventing the density measurement from drifting down due to external sources of radiation.

The accuracy of the measurement is unaffected by deviation, fluid density, fluid viscosity, fluid velocity making it especially well suited to deviated wells and/or high flowrate wells.

A safety shield is supplied with the tool for transportation and storage and makes the tool safe to handle and transport. The source is double encapsulated for integrity and safety.

Transportation of the tool is simplified by the fact that it falls under the IATA ‘Excepted Items’ rules due to the low level of radiation at the surface of the shield.

Product features

  • Tool accuracy unaffected by deviation, well temperature,fluid velocity or viscosity.
  • Double encapsulated source for safety.
  • Unique spectral processing to remove density drift from external RA sources.
  • Short tool length compared to other density measurement technologies.

Product Application

  • Identification of different fluid phases in wellbore.
  • High flow rate wells.
  • Deviated wells.
  • Wells where minimising rig up length is important.

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