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Production Logging Systems

X-Y Calliper

The X-Y calliper accurately measures two axes of the well bore allowing for an accurate cross-sectional area to be used in flow rate calculations, rather than a nominal diameter that may not be correct. Additionally any gross defects within the wellbore can be identified.

The spring cage of the calliper provides sufficient centralisation force to eliminate the requirement for a lower centraliser when deployed with a Fixed Cage Flowmeter (FCF) within a typical production logging string.

The four-arm device is designed to minimise the risk of jamming in side pockets and other well fittings and the novel roller design minimises wear and reduces maintenance costs, whilst optional larger rollers ensure the optimum stand-off from casing.

The instrument has an integrated internal temperature sensor to correct for tool drift and ensure accurate measurements.

Product features

  • Continually measures X and Y diameters in the wellbore.
  • Measures both diameters at the same point in the wellbore.
  • Caliper arms provide sufficent centrolization force.
  • Reduced friction from rollers for easier deployment in highely deviated wells.

Product Application

  • Accurate measurement of flow area for dependable flow rate calculations.
  • Casing & tubing inspection services.

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