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Rental Equipment

ART Control Panel

The ART Control Panel (ACP-A) provides the surface telemetry and power required to operate Owen Instrumentation's range of Addressable Release Tools (ART). The panel provides a negative supply to power the ART electronics, together with control logic and line driver capability to communicate reliably with the tools over cables in excess of 40,000 feet in length.

Up to seven tools can be addressed individually by the ACP-A, providing a high degree of flexibility in string configuration.

Product features

  • Controls all operations of the Addressable Release Tool
  • Portable Design
  • User Friendly
  • Works with original MPT1 range of Addressable Release Tools. (not newer MPT2 tools)

Product Application

  • Can be used to control Addressable Release Tool operations if client wants to use only ART
  • Can control operations for up to seven Addressable Release Tools at the same time
  • Small portable design is easy to relocate

Available Downloads

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