PX-1 Fireset - Detonators & Safe Fire Systems

PX-1 Fireset

The PX-1 has the highest temperature rating of any system on the market, with an operating range from – 25ºC to +225ºC. It can initiate EFI detonators through six inches of twisted-pair wires or 3 feet of coax cable; EBW detonators can be fired through 10ft and more of twisted-pair wires. Its compact dimensions (5” X 0.82” X 0.74) allow it to fit in virtually every gun system in use today, including pressure housings with an OD of 1-3/8”.

It has been fully certified by Orion International Technologies at Sandia National Laboratories to standards that exceed any practical level of threat that might exist in the oilfield environment, including stray DC voltages from -600VDC to +150VDC, AC voltages at 600V rms from 40Hz through 20kHz, RF testing from 260kHz at 50V/m, electrostatic discharges, and severe direct lightning strikes to the wireline within 3ft of the PX-1 itself. Particularly on offshore platforms, these safety features can result in very significant cost savings for the operator.


  • 'Air Shippable' as Class 1.4S
  • Safe
    • - Conforms to API RP-67 Recommended Practices
    • - The ADP-PX16-130, ADP-PX16-150, ADP-PX16-222, and ADP9PX28-102 Initiation Systems utilize Exploding Bridge-Wire technology to increase safety during firing operations
    • - Incorporation of the EBW into the Firing System adds increased safety against rig-site hazards such as RF Transmissions, cathodic protection, and stray voltage
  • Convenient & Cost Effective - The PX-1 EBW fireset allows normal oilfield operation to continue while perforating and other explosive devices are being utilized
  • Increased Precision - EBW Detonators increase the precision of initiation as compared to bridge wire detonators
  • Uses - Provides for safe operation of all Explosive Services including Perforating, Pipe Recovery, Setting of Bridge Plugs, etc.

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