EBW's - Detonators & Safe Fire Systems

Exploding Bridgewire Detonators (EBWs) were originally developed for use in military applications. They require a very fast rising, high-current pulse for successful initiations, such as the output provided by the Ecosse PX-1. Unlike conventional blasting caps and resistorized detonators normally used in oilfield perforating operations, EBWs do not contain sensitive primary explosives such as lead azide.

The greatest advantage of EBW detonators for oilfield use is the fact that they are extremely insensitive to accidental initiation. They are effectively immune to the radio frequency (RF) sources and stray voltages found on well sites and offshore platforms, which means radio transmitters, electric welding and cathodic protection equipments need not be turned off during perforating and other wireline explosive operations. EBWs are currently available using RDX and CP explosives, giving them useful temperature ratings of 325°F to 400°F respectively.

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