Owen Oil Tools provides the latest technological advancements and conventional products and applications in the areas of perforating charges, engineered gun systems to the tubing conveyed firing systems. In addition to the great product offering, Owen prides itself on service and support after the sale through our Value Added Services.

Transferring Best Practices:

Reliability or job efficiency is proportional to safety; and typically, higher reliability is accompanied by well defined/repeatable practices. Owen Oil Tools has assisted clients to improve reliability, job efficiency and subsequent safety through audits of loading shop and well-site operations and transferring the successes and the failures to best practices fit for their specific operation environment and habits.

  • Operational audit at well-site or loading shop
  • Development of new equipment or practices
  • Comprehensive report and follow-up

Failure Analysis

Owen’s Quality Control Group along with engineers familiar with the product(s) perform a detailed failure and corrective action analysis not only for Owen manufactured products but also with Owen distributed products. The analysis is preferably done on products that have not been previously disassembled or downloaded to account for the entire function of the component product and the assembly.

  • Failure tracking system
  • Design and manufacturing review
  • Corrective action development and implementation

Product Evaluation

The Testing Services Group combines resources within all departments of Owen to provide test design and completion for both destructive andnon-destructive tests inside and outside the traditional oil and gas ballistics sector.

  • Product performance verification
  • Product certification
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Testing facility rentals


Owen Compliance Services is a subsidiary of Owen Oil Tools working intracompany and intercompany to assist in regulatory compliance of explosive products. Members of OCS have many years of experience in this field and serve as industry representatives in the working groups of UN and IME.

  • USA and international classification and approval of explosives
  • ATF licensing and compliance programs
  • 24-hour, toll free emergency response telephone service
  • HAZMAT training and compliance products
  • Regulatory compliance assistance

Core Laboratories is a leading provider of proprietary and patented Reservoir Description and Production Enhancement services for the global petroleum industry. These services enable the Company’s clients to optimize reservoir performance and maximize hydrocarbon recovery from their production fields. Owen Oil Tools, ProTechnics and Stim-Lab represent the Production Enhancement Group and individually provide products and services; however, this group has joined forces to deliver a Perforating and Completion Diagnostics Workshop where the technology works together for truly optimized completions.

Completion Diagnostics

Completion diagnostics from ProTechnics provide the only direct measurements of such critical factors as fracture height, zonal coverage, proppant distribution, wellbore connectivity and fracture fluid performance. By measuring and analyzing uniquely identifiable isotope and chemical tracers, completion diagnostics offer valuable insights that help you improve completion practices and results.

  • R/A Tracers, spectra gamma imaging and analysis
  • Chemical tracers and flowback analysis
  • Completion Profiler


The perforating presentation takes a look at the anatomy of a perforating charge and the perforating process. By understanding the perforation and how it is created, we can optimize our completion through selection of perforating systems.

  • Completion type or formation based criteria
  • Perforating system/charge performance data
  • Patented HERO and SuperHERO line of perforating charges

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