Multi-Stage - Setting Tools

Multi-Stage wireline pressure setting tools differ from single stage compact tools in that an extra top piston and companion cylinder are added to the tool which then doubles the pulling strength ability of the tool. In addition, the tool has a longer stroke length. The multi stage tool is used primarily to set Magna Range Bridge Plugs which require extra stroke length, Another use of the tool is to set Owen Casing / Tubing Patches which require the extra pulling strength provided by the tool. Like the compact setting tools, the burning of a power charge produces high pressure gas that elongates the tool, providing the necessary stroke to set the bridge plugs and casing patches.

The tools feature pressure balanced top and bottom pistons and eliminate presetting of the mentioned products caused by high hydrostatic pressure.


  • Pressure balanced top and bottom pistons
  • Eliminates presetting of plugs and patches, caused by high hydrostatic pressure
  • 15,000 psi pressure rating.

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