Testing Solutions - Ballistics

Owen Oil Tools offers complete testing of downhole equipment at its North American headquarters in Godley, Texas. Convenient to the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, the Owen testing facility offers testing to API or supplier defined specifications. Equipment testing includes packers and bridge plugs, perforating charges and gun systems, and a wide variety of downhole components.

Simulated downhole testing ensures that equipment will perform to expectations before deploying it in your well. This is particularly valuable for companies encountering unusual well or formation conditions, new applications, or extremes of well temperature and/or pressure. Testing not only ensures that the equipment will work, but also that its performance under difficult conditions will be adequate to the task for which it is intended.

Testing can be conducted to meet existing industry standards, or custom procedures and equipment can be developed to meet the customers specific application.


Product Verification Testing

Extensive testing is conducted to verify product performance and reliability under simulated well conditions. Not limited to Owen products, tests can be designed and applied to third party equipment as well.

Fit-for-use Testing

When a product or system is expected to encounter conditions that exceed its standard application, Owen can test for appropriateness and quantify results.

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