Thru-Tubing Technologies

Premium Downhole Mechanical Tools

At Thru-Tubing Technology (TTT), our goal is to deliver outstanding quality equipment and service to our customers. Our satisfied customers range from major companies to small operators, and from customers working in routine environments to those working in hostile and high profile environments worldwide.

Thru-Tubing Technology tools are specially designed and manufactured to precise specifications. The tight tolerances and high quality, reduces failures without causing downhole binding problems. The result is unsurpassed tool performance that reduces downhole time, additional trips, and unrecoverable objects.

Precision manufacturing reduces failures and our tool designs incorporate the placement of critical components within protective housings, whenever possible, to minimize drag, and reduce the possibility of down hole problems.

Custom Designed Product Development

Thru-Tubing Technology encourages your input for current product improvement or new product development. We can also custom design and manufacture tools based upon special applications. Contact us to discuss the details and requirements for your custom designed project.

Whether off-the-shelf or made to order, Thru-Tubing Technology makes every effort to provide industry leading delivery and lead times.

Thru-Tubing Technologies is a subsidiary of Owen Oil Tools.

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