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Owen's elastomer-free BPX-SPAN® bridge plug uses Owens patented and proven metal to metal X-SPAN® seal technology to create a mechanical seal and anchor to the casing wall. The BPX-SPAN Bridge Plug is a great solution for wells with hostile well conditions that can cause the elastomers to swell on standard bridge plugs while they are being run in the hole. Elastomer swell on standard bridge plugs can cause the operator to get stuck or make it impossible for the plug to pass through restrictions such as seating nipples etc and in some cases it might not be possible to get the Plug back out of the hole. The sealing element on our standard BPX-SPAN® system utilizes a metal to metal seal that bonds and seals to the casing wall and this proven technology was used to build a bridge plug that does not require or have exposed elastomers to create the seal to the casing wall. The bridge plug utilizes a top sealing element and swage, a profile sub and a bull plug and standard Owen setting equipment is used to run and set it. As the BPX-SPAN® system utilizes element technology from the standard patch system it is easy to convert them into a BPX-SPAN® system. Owen highly recommends; the use of a casing scraper before plug installation to rid the interval of foreign matter and the use of a casing caliper to provide an accurate record of casing I.D., and conditions. A gauge ring or drift run is a minimum requirement.

Optional Equipment

  • Ceramic knock out sub, pump out sub or burst disc.
  • Tailpipe assembly with Profile Subs
  • Velocity string


  • Elastomer-free system
  • Proven seal technology
  • Sets in any grade casing, including P-110
  • Short design for quick removal
  • No moving parts, slips, shear screws, set screws that can result in failure during run-in and setting
  • Can be converted to knock-out plug with Ceramic disc sub
  • For temporary or permanent service
  • Available in a variety of materials
  • Rated for >550°F

Please note that for a bridge plug application that our published pressure ratings may not apply to the system as those ratings are based on collapse and burst pressure ratings. On a bridge plug application the differential pressures are from above and below the plug after it is set so those pressures have to be considered. In long term abandonment or ultra-high pressure applications it is recommended to place at least 30ft (9m) of cement on top of the plug. If you have a bridge plug application or any questions about this system please contact our Tech Services department for assistance.

All Owen X-SPAN® Systems are easily deployed using a range of multi-stage explosive or hydraulic setting tools. The explosive setting tools can be initiated electrically, on e-line or slick line using a variety of compatible firing systems. For your conventional tubing or coil tubing deployment requirements, we have several sizes of hydraulically operated setting tools available. X-SPAN® Systems are easily removable by just milling off the sealing elements. The reliability and quality of the X-SPAN® System has been proven many times over the past several years with over 3200 installations completed with a success rate of 98% when setting depth has been achieved.  

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