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The Owen Oil Tools GTX-SPAN® System Tubing/Casing Patches provide a heavy-duty, permanent seal over splits, holes, or perforations in tubing and casing and are ideal for gas shut off applications. These patches are run on electric wireline, tubing, or coil tubing and set with a pressure setting tool (electrical, mechanical, or hydraulic). The large bores assure easy passage of tools and equipment and minimize restriction to fluid flow. Certain Owen Magna Range permanent bridge plugs and seal bore packers will pass through and set below various sizes of these patches. Patches can be customized for most well applications including premium alloys, restrictions, and geothermal well applications.

The GTX-SPAN® System Tubing/Casing Patch consists of three basic components: a top metal element with an expandable elastomer seal; a tubular extension; and a bottom metal element with an expandable elastomer seal. As the system is modular, various patch lengths may be obtained by adding tubular extensions. The top and bottom metal elements are swaged outward during the setting process. Thus providing a rigid mechanical anchoring system with pressure integrity.

During the setting process, the pressure setting tool exerts a pushing force on the top tapered metal swage and a pulling force on the bottom tapered metal swage. Both swages are driven into the metal sealing elements (with expandable elastomer seals) which expand outward into the casing wall, providing both a metal to metal and an elastomer seal. At a predetermined force, a calibrated weak point shears and the setting process ceases. A collapsible setting collet located in the bottom swage retracts and allows the setting equipment to be retrieved. The interval is now fully isolated with, metal seals and expandable elastomer seals. Owen highly recommends; the use of a casing scraper before patch installation to rid the interval of foreign matter and the use of a casing caliper to provide an accurate record of casing I.D., and conditions. A gauge ring or drift run is a minimum requirement.

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