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Permanent Downhole Monitoring

Coil Tubing Conveyed (CT-MORE)

Permanent Downhole Monitoring - Coil Tubing Conveyed

Multiple measurement points placed inside the coiled tubing string permit real-time monitoring of pressure and temperature anywhere along the wellbore.

The CT-MORE System (patented technology) can be conveyed using traditional methods of pushing coil tubing into a well. Alternatively the CT-MORE System can be pumped into the well or pulled in with the production or injection tubing.

Coil Tubing Conveyed Advantages:

  • Complete profile of well temperature and pressure
  • Customizable to client applications
  • No downhole electronics to fail or batteries to go dead
  • Real-time, all the time bottomhole and temperature
  • Eliminate the need for costly and intermittent temperature logging practices
  • Multiple temperature and pressure points
  • No strapping, banding or clamping
  • Retrievable without hindering operations

Coil Tubing Conveyed Applications:

  • Horizontal well pressure profiling
  • Horizontal well temperature profiling
  • Real-time continuous logging
  • Thermal applications including SAGD and SWSAGD
  • Evaluation of horizontal well production
  • Gas-lift optimization
  • Process optimization and control

Instrumentation Includes:

  • Core Lab pressure sensors
  • Core Lab temperature sensors
  • Fiber optic distributed temperature
  • Thermocouples
  • Capillary Tubes
  • Permanent geophones

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