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Case 4

Intergrating Production Log

The adjacent SpectraScan Completion Image is from a south Texas Vicksburg completion. The fracture treatment, which consisted of 300,000 lb of bauxite proppant pumped at 25 bbl/min, was pumped to conclusion (no screenout). The pad (yellow) and Zero Wash® proppant tracers (red is 2-7 lb/gal and blue is 8 lb/gal) showed moderate concentrations in the perforated interval at X425 ft to X440 ft and substantially higher concentrations in an unperforated sand more than 300 ft up the wellbore (X080 ft to X110 ft). After the initial treatment, the well produced at the anticipated rates of 2 MMcf/D and 400 BWPD.

According to the tracer interpretation, the casing failed in the upper interval, allowing most of the fracture treatment to be placed in this zone. This sand and several others just above it had been targeted for a later stimulation treatment.

A production log revealed that the casing had indeed failed and that the upper interval was inadvertently fractured. The log indicated significant water entry from the perforated interval so the bottom zone was plugged to shut off water production. Because the uphole sand was accidently stimulated, a second fracture procedure was designed, in which much less bauxite proppant was needed for the remaining uphole sands. This design led to considerable cost savings, which paid for the completion diagnostics many-fold.

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