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SPECTRASTEAM™ thermal tracers are the industry’s first and only high temperature hydrocarbon soluble steam tracer technology that evaluates and maps the steam and heavy oil migration in SAGD, CSS and Steam Drive applications.

Commonly referred to as steam tracers, SPECTRASTEAM chemical tracers are injected during various stages of the steam process. Custom designed sample schedules are created per the customer’s needs, yielding precise quantitative information about the reservoir such as:

  • Direct Communication Between Injector and Producer
  • Exact Breakthrough Times Between Injector and Producer
  • Identification of Natural Fractures, Thief Zone and Faults
  • Extent of Formation Layering
  • Swept Pore Volume and Sweep Efficiency

SPECTRASTEAM tracer surveys are used to optimize performance during any stage of the steam process to improve hydrocarbon recovery.

SPECTRASTEAM provides multiple advantages for a wide range of applications including:


  • Determine Inter-Well Communication Between SAGD Well Pairs
  • Determine Optimal Spacing Between SAGD Well Pairs
  • Identify Infill Drilling Locations
  • Evaluate Injected Steam Efficiency from the Heel / Toe of the Injector
  • Determine Steam Breakthrough Time Between Injector and Producer


  • Determine Inter-well communication during each steam cycle
  • Evaluate Mega-Row Efficiency During Soaking /Steaming Cycles
  • Determine Steaming Direction of Each Pad
  • Identify High Permeability Channels and/or Natural Fractures


  • Determine Inter-Well Communication Between Injectors and Producers
  • Determine Steam Breakthrough Times
  • Determine Pattern Effectiveness (5-spot, 7-spot etc.)
  • Identify Regions of Field with High/Low Residual Oil Saturation (Cus)
  • Evaluate Aerial Sweep Efficiency Between Injector and Producers

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