Advanced Rock Properties

Basic Rock Properties

Routine Rock Properties for Tight Gas Sands

Porosity and Permeability

  • Porosity tells what pore space is available for fluids
  • Permeability measures the capacity of the rock to transmit fluids and gas

Basic Rock Properties

    Pulse Decay Permeability
  • Accurate, direct measurement to 10 nanodarcy under reservoir net confining stress conditions
  • Permits effective Kg to be measured at residual fluid without moving fluid in the pore system
  • Keg at various water saturations
    Adsorbed Water Index Qv
  • Qv is important for resistivity log interpretation and capillary pressure interpretation in the assessment of water saturation and effective porosity
  • Bush and Jenkins Adsorbed Water Index Technique (AWI) uses a correlation of sample weights using humidity drying and convection drying to find the Qv (Cation Exchange Capacity per unit pore volume)
  • Qv correlates to the clay bound water porosity
  • Technique investigates the entire pore system

Basic Rock Properties

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