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Wellsite Services

Core Transport Services

Transportation of core material from the field to the laboratory is the final component in the collection of cores to ensure undamaged quality core arrive for analysis.

Core Transport Services includes:


The CoreSafesm system is a state of the art double walled insulated safe to transport up to 60 feet of frozen or chilled cores samples. The system has a temperature monitoring, and is fitted with both shock and tilt meters to document safe handling. The system is engineered with certified 4 point pick up and slings to facilitate safe transport to and from rig locations. The system is water tight and has both internal cushioning and drip pans to contain any expulsed fluids.

Collapsible Core Transport Crate

These are specialty transport crates that collapse to flat pack transport them to well location and minimize shipping size to the wellsite. They have capacity to store up to 60 feet of core. Their erected size is designed to as the maximum hold size for transport by aircraft or truck. The system can be fitted with both shock and tilt meters to document safe handling.

CoreTracker sm Services

The CoreTracker is a GPS tracking services that allows for real time tracking of the core during transit using a secure login network system. You can receive automatic email or text alerts as to when the core leaves the wellsite or dock and when it arrives at the laboratory. You can view detail reports outlining the route taken, idle time, starts and stops. This gives you control to monitor the progress of your valuable resource.

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