Digital Rock Characterization

A Powerful Tool for Rapid Quantification of Rock Properties

Rapid, non-destructive screening using high-frequency imaging techniques now provides a viable solution for not only superior visualization, but also detailed quantitative core assessment. Macro-CT scan data acquired in conjunction with extensive laboratory-based mineralogy and density calibrations results in a detailed lithological description and a suite of data which including high resolution bulk density, photoelectric factor, porosity, and unconfined compressive strength index log. Micro-CT imaging is now being used in the sample selection process for sophisticated, reservoir-condition flow studies and geo-mechanical testing. Plug sample scanning at ultra-high resolutions help extract pore and matrix systems. When consolidated with appropriate physical measurement-based calibrations, porosity, permeability, capillary pressure, and electrical properties data are generated. These new image acquisition and processing techniques not only provide tools to characterize reservoirs but also deliver rapid and accurate petrophysical measurements for operators to make key early-time decisions.

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