Digital Rock Characterization

Micro-CT DRC

Micro-CT scans at very high resolutions can resolve features as small as 0.5 micrometers. Image acquisition and segmentation at sub-micron resolutions helps characterize pore systems. This information, when consolidated with appropriate physical measurement-based calibrations, provides porosity, permeability, capillary pressure, and electrical properties. With extensive core database available, we have indigenously developed physically-constrained models for determining these petrophysical data.

  • Rapid Turn-Around Time
  • Core-Based Models to Generate Accurate Petrophysical Properties
  • Ideal for Samples Unsuitable for Routine Core Analysis
  • Make Time-Dependant Critical Decisions

Digital Particle Size Analysis (DPSA)

High resolution Micro-CT scan of clastic samples captures three-dimensional measurements of thousands of grains. All three axes viz. longest, shortest, and intermediate are measured, and an extremely detailed particle size analysis is performed. Other morphology parameters like spherecity, surface area, volume etc. of individual grains are also available. In a matter of minutes, a true three dimensional particle size distribution can be provided.

Three-dimensional detailed Digital Particle Size Analysis (DPSA)

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