Digital Rock Characterization

High Frequency UltraScanSM

Multidimensional/Volumetric Data Acquisition

Example Video

  • Interactively view whole cores and plug samples on the secured Core Client web.
  • Circumferencial/unwrapped images : Assessment of maximum dip slabbing plane, orientation of cores without physically scribing them.
  • High-resolution (0.5 mm vertical resolution) bulk density log : describe reservoirs with extreme detail, calibrate logs with lab-measurements calibrated data, depth shifting.
  • Virtual slab view : pick sub-samples without handling the cores.
  • Analyze heterogeneity of plug samples.

Enhanced Fracture Description via CT Image Analysis

  • Mississippian Limestone example
    • Core & fracture descriptions core made for reservoir description & well completion
    • Note steeply dipping (75°), partially open (1.0 mm ave), calcite-filled, extensional fracture with common multiples
    • Image analysis to dimension fractures & quantify porosity

Image Analysis: 3D Pore Model (Labeled Image)

  • Mississippian Limestone example
    • Object map converted to a 3D model
    • Fracture systems, vugs, etc. can be isolated and discriminated by color
    • Conjugate fracture sets are readily identified

Image Analysis: Bulk Density & Histograms

  • Slice analysis for bulk density distributions

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