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Enhanced Oil Recovery - EOR

Enhanced Oil Recovery - EOR

Enhanced Oil Recovery is oil recovery by the injection of materials not normally present in the reservoir. EOR processes are measured by the increase in the hydrocarbon actually produced versus the amount of hydrocarbon projected to be produced had the EOR process not been initiated.

World demand for oil has been steadily increasing, currently at the rate of about 1.5% per year, and it is estimated to reach 100 MMSTB/day in 10 years. In terms of global oil supply, there is about 3.2 trillion barrels of recoverable oil amenable to conventional and advanced technical recovery schemes. One trillion barrels of this amount has already been produced and consumed as of 2004 and the remaining 2.2 trillion barrels remains to be produced and it represent a significant opportunity for secondary or tertiary EOR recovery processes.

Core Laboratories offer an extensive range of EOR services to enable operating companies understand the phase behavior and problems associated with miscible and immiscible gas injection processes.

Our Enhanced Oil Recovery - EOR includes:

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