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Organic Shale Analysis
Geochemical and petrographic technique used to determine quantity, quality, and maturity of organic carbon.

RockEval Pyrolysis
Specific measurement of various parameters used to determine viability of mudrocks. These parameters include TOC (organic richness), S1 (free hydrocarbons in rock), S2 (remaining hydrocarbon potential), S3 (organic CO2), Tmax (Thermal Maturity). The new RockEval 6 has an extended pyrolysis range that allows for better characterization of the free hydrocarbons and provides a measure of the inorganic CO2).

Organic Petrology
Provides direct observation and measurement of relevant fossils and macerals distributed in mudrocks and coal.

  • Vitrinite Reflectance - A direct measurement of the thermal maturity of a rock. It is generally used to validate estimates of thermal maturity made by pyrolysis.
  • Chitinozoan, Actriarch, Graptolite Analysis - Analysis of the reflectance of certain fossils. Analysis of these fossils is used in pre-Devonian rocks that pre-date (the occurrence of land plants (primary source of vitrinite).
  • Visual Kerogen Analysis - Provides analysis and distribution of all types of kerogen that is recognized in a rock.

Additional Geochemistry Information

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