Advanced Rock Properties

Interfacial and Surface Tension

IFT Measurements

Laboratory derived capillary pressure (Pc) data must be converted to reservoir condition values to be useful in reservoir modeling. Frequently, laboratory results are converted to reservoir values using estimated or "typical" conversion values for both the laboratory determined and calculated reservoir values. Reduce uncertainty by reducing the number of assumptions used.

Interfacial and Surface Tension

Applications for Tensiometry

  • Capillary Pressure (Pc) fluid systems conversion
  • Pc to reservoir height conversion
  • Determine IFT for use in oilfield calculations
  • Screening tool for fluid contamination
  • Fluid breakdown determination

Tensiometry using advanced, automated instrumentation removes uncertainty other methods pose as a result of operator inconsistency. Capabilities: Laboratory IFT values ranging from ambient to elevated temperatures up to 190ºF @ 1 atmosphere.

Interfacial Tension (IFT)

  • Measured at a liquid/liquid boundary

Surface Tension

  • Measurement of the cohesive energy present at any interface
    • gas/liquid
    • vapor/liquid

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