Advanced Rock Properties

NMR Core - Log Calibration

NMR T2 Distribution NMR T2 Distribution

  • Industry's legacy standard T2 cutoff for clastic reservoirs - 33 ms
  • Average T2 cutoff for this depth interval - 8.7 ms
  • If T2 cutoff is overestimated, then the estimation of:
    • Residual water saturation is too high
    • Producible hydrocarbon saturation is too low
  • NMR core - log calibration results in a reservoir specific T2 cutoff for log application
  • T2 Cutoff - defines FFI & BVI
  • FFI (Free Fluid Index) - movable fluid or producible fluids
  • BVI (Bulk Volume Irreducible) - bound immovable fluid or non-producible fluid
    • includes clay bound and capillary bound water
  • Acquire representative T2 cutoff for perm modeling

NMR T2 Distribution

NMR T2 Distribution

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