Advanced Rock Properties

Rw - Salinity Determination

Core Lab Solves Rw Issues

Fluid loss, presence of clays, or a lack of producted water affect Rw determination.

The Core Lab Solution
3 Key Components

  • Drill Fluid Invasion (BW) → Tracer Test
  • Clay Bound Water (CBW) → NMR
  • Total Water (TW) → Dean Stark water

Use to solve for: Formation Water (FW)

Rw Salinity Determination
FW = TW - DW - CBW

Drill fluid invasion may dilute or add salinity. Tracer correction accounts for this.

Clay bound water dilutes salinity. NMR quantifies this fresh water dilution.

Rw Salinity Determination

Rw Impact on Reservoirs

Rw Salinity Determination

Solve for SW
Rw Salinity Determination

Core Lab Rw solutions IMPACT reserves and formation evaluation.

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