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Geological Sciences

Vitrinite Relectance (VRo), TOC and Source Rock Analysis

Source Rock Analysis and TOC

Source Rock Analysis and TOC
Source Rock Analysis and TOC are used to determine both the rock's potential to generate hydrocarbons and the maturity of the organic material. Measurements determine the organic richness (TOC), free oil content (S1), remaining potential (S2) and thermal maturity (Tmax). Additionally, various ratios derived from this data can also aid in the interpretation of the characteristics of the organic matter in the rock. These include the Hydrogen Index (HI), Oxygen Index (OI) and production index (PI).

Vitrinite Reflectance (VRo)
Vitrinite Reflectance provides an assessment of thermal maturity in rocks younger than Devonian Age. VRo measurements are a necessary compliment to SRA and TOC analyses. In rocks older than Devonian, reflectance of graptolites, chitinozoans, scolecodonts, and bitumen, can be measured, and subsequently converted to a vitrinite Ro equivalent for comparative purposes.

Vitrinite Reflectance VRo

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