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Wellsite Services

Our Wellsite services include the handling and processing of core (formation) and reservoir fluid samples at the wellsite. These services include the receiving and preparation of the samples for shipment and basic analytical services to provide real time data sets at the wellsite.

Wellsite Services includes:

  • Iron CoreHand™ Lifting Assist System

    The award winning Iron CoreHand™ is a 100-percent self-contained, pneumatic-powered lifting system that completely eliminates the need for manual handling of the core tubes by personnel. Iron CoreHand™ is a technological achievement that significantly enhances safety to individuals while reducing risk to core integrity.

  • Pull Out of Hole Simulation

    The POOH is a series of simulation models used to optimize the rate at which the cores are retrieved from the wellbore. Cores and the associated fluids within the core can be damaged if they are retrieved too rapidly. These models provide a conservative rate schedule to ensure quality core are received for evaluation.

  • Wellsite Core Characterization & Sampling Services

    Welliste Characterization is a set of analytical series available at the wellsite to generate "early time" data to aid in initial evaluation of the core and the formation properties. This is especially important when the well is in a remote location or when "core again" decisions need to be made at the wellsite or when long transportation times of the core are encountered.

  • Wellsite Mud Tracing Services

    Mud tracing services are used to provide a method to determine the amount of invasion into a core during the coring operation. This evaluation is made by tracing the mud system with Tritium (Invasion Profiler service) Deuterium Oxide, or Salts/Nitrates. The amount of "tracer" can then be measured in the core and the water saturation corrected for the invaded water.

  • Wellsite Core Stabilization Services

    Core stabilization is required to protect and stabilize the core within the liner in which they recovered. Without stabilization core can be damaged during routine handling and transportation from the field to the laboratory facilities. We offer a full range of services to stabilize conventional cores within the core barrel liner that are collected in. The type of stabilization method is designed to match the formation type and the core conditions.

  • Core Transport Services

    Transportation of core material from the field to the laboratory is the final component in the collection of cores to ensure undamaged quality core arrive for analysis.

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