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To better serve our customers, we will email or send by mail, software updates to them directly. Please contact us with requests for software and include your company name, location, product serial number and contact information.

LabCON Software Version 5.00 - Release Date: January 2011
Written to accept the use of both newer PCI data acquisition boards or the older ISA data acquisition boards. It also improves the control of both new and old data acquisition boards.

LabCON Software Version 4.17 - Release Date: January 2010
Provides standard atmosphere barometric compensation at powerup.

LabCON-V Software Version 4.16 - Release Date: September 2008
Corrects the bracketing validation method for samples requiring a repeat run per ASTM D 2699 and 2700.

LabCON-V Software Version 4.15 - Release Date: August 2007
Changes the CR calibration points to allow for a running condition during calibration. Iso-octane used: 90 MON / 100 RON.

LabCON-V Software Version 4.14 - Release Date: April 2007
Provides the ability to specify the RON / MON TSF lean steps.

LabCON-V Software Version 4.13 - Release Date: August 2006
Corrects the PRF bracketing fuel tolerance for sample octanes over 100.

LabCON-V Software Version 4.12 - Release Date: May 2006
Allows for entry of tuned temperatures in the range of 60-139 +/- 40 degrees F.

LabCON-V Software Version 4.11 - Release Date: May 2006
Corrects history file storage for CR ratings with the repeat reading option enabled. It also corrects the I/O Control touch operation when holding down the CR raise or lower buttons.

LabCON-V Software Version 4.10 - Release Date: January 2005
The barometric CR compensation algorithm was revised to match the ASTM 2699 and 2700 barometric compensation tables exactly. It also corrects the manual barometer input to allow values below 22. The advanced settings will now be saved when the dialogue window is closed.

LabCON-V Software Version 4.09 - Release Date: May 2004
Provides changes in the mouse routine to allow for the new touchscreen controller in Advantech units s/n 516 and higher.

LabCON-V Software Version 4.08 - Release Date: March 2004
changes the Proto Calibration routine to comply with ASTM D 2885-03. This revision counts proto-line as one complete cycle so the TotalCycles parameter should be modified to include 10 delta octane data points.

LabCON-V Software Version 4.07 - Release Date: February 2004
Removes reference to the obsolete calibration slug in the calibration routine. It also changes the temperature tuning limit algorithm to match the revised ASTM 2699 and 2700 standards.

LabCON-V Software Version 4.06 - Release Date: July 2003
Fixes a problem with the date where a LabCON unit left on over a two day or greater period, with no activity, will lose track of the day. The new software correctly increments the date when two consecutive "midnight" occur. This problem is specific to the Advantech style computer (S/N 500+).

LabCON-V Software Version 4.05 - Release Date: March 2003
Adds an option to enter PRF and sample microvalve averages manually from the Initialize Microvalve screen. This allows form annual entry of microvalve averages before and after testing of fuels with unusual microvalve positions (premium gasoline, gasoline components etc.)

LabCON-V Software Version 4.04 - Release Date: December 2002
Includes a manual screen saver as well as clarification to engine temperature warnings. The CR method's tolerance for KI values not requiring manual set point adjustment has been opened to 30-70 KI.

Software Distribution
You can obtain the latest version of LabCON-V software on disk by contacting Refinery Systems at 609-452-8600. A package will be sent with disk and installation instructions .The software update disk will update versions 4.03 and higher to the latest version.

Revision History Update Listing
Please contact us and let us know what serial number of the units are being upgrades so we can update and maintain our database listing to better support you.

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