XCP Octane Analyzer

Next Generation of XCP Automation

CFR Engines Inc. has extended the capabilities of its well-received XCP™ Digital Octane Panel by now offering users an updated version of the fully automated Octane Analyzer (OA) option that significantly reduces operator involvement.


The Octane Analyzer upgrade option unlocks capabilities to test all procedures of the current ASTM Methods:

D2699 – Research Octane Number

D2700 – Motor Octane Number


Adding automation to your octane testing delivers the benefits of faster test results, and thus more time to manage additional responsibilities within the lab.


Octane Analyzer reduces operator interaction with the instrument during the test procedure and thus delivers the opportunity for greater reproducibility between sweeps, passes, and full tests

  • Automatically complete full 2-pass tests – setup test, fill fuel reservoirs, hit start and then wait for the report
  • Allows for broader Octane Number ranges compliant with Procedure D – 72-103.5 MON and 72-108 RON
  • No manual intervention – XCP™ Technology with Octane Analyzer option does all fuel switching, fuel/air adjustments, and data recording
  • Reduced time for completing passes – approximately 10 minutes for single pass, 20 minutes for a full octane determination (2-pass)
  • Reduced fuel consumption – approximately 100 ml for single sweep

Fully Integrated Solutions by CFR

The Octane Analyzer (OA) upgrade option by CFR builds upon the proven performance of the XCP™ control system. Like all CFR Engines Inc. products, the Octane Analyzer is designed to easily integrate with existing CFR® units and systems. Whether you are working with a complete unit, an upgrade/ conversion kit, or a genuine CFR service part; you can trust that the product has been designed, manufactured and fully tested to work as an integrated and reliable solution for your operation. The OA option is offered in two configurations – an add-on upgrade kit for existing XCP or included in complete XCP with OA upgrade kits. Additionally, adding Octane Analyzer to an XCP system unlocks specific OA testing capabilities already built into the XCP Technology platform.


Add OA to existing XCP system p/n: G-802-54 upgrade kit

Add an XCP system with OA to an existing Legacy CFR unit p/n: G-802-53 conversion kit


Customize Octane testing to your operation. Easily switch between RON or MON, single pass or multiple pass, with falling level or with Octane Analyzer


  • XCP operating on Windows 7
  • Sample cooling for unknowns
  • Standard unit maintenance

Report Accountability

  • Fully Integrated
  • Method Compliant Results
  • Consistent Format
  • LIMS Connectivity
  • Complete Data Collection
  • Automatic Curve Generation
  • Test Event Logging

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