Oil & Gas

Core Flooding System 700 bar

CFS 700

Core Flooding is a common test to determine rock permeability, and how well various fluids, including oil, will flow through it.

First, a cylindrical rock sample or core is cut from the oil reservoir.

The core is placed in a rock core holder, and the outer surface is pressurized to simulate the loads, or 3-axis stresses, that the core was under when it was removed.

Of these loads or stresses, some are caused by the weight of the material above the core, which is known as the “overburdened” pressure.

Loads in the rock will affect the core’s permeability to fluids, so it is important to duplicate them during testing.

A test fluid is then pumped through the core, and the flow rates and pressure drops across the core are measured. From this data, the resistance to flow is evaluated.

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