Falcon® Software

In parallel of the creation of universal electronic regulation cards, SANCHEZ TECHNOLOGIES also developed a control and data acquisition software for all equipment. Called Falcon® software, this program is able to provide following functions:

  • Linearization
  • Data acquisition HMI/Human-Machine Interface
  • Object oriented automation

Falcon® software was developed under R.A.D method (Rapid Application Development) and this method allows user to have a fast familiarization with the system and offers great programming ability. Architecture of Falcon® software is also based on D.D.E principle (stands for Dynamic Data Exchange). This principle ensures a complete compatibility with any software of Windows® compatible software package. In order to forecast customer needs or to keep a total freedom of software evolution, we deliver full license for each equipment to give to all our clients an integral use and unlimited runtime access of its use. Thus, a user can entirely define the parameters of the software, modify or add any macro he wants, integrate new object and define any functions to the existing system.

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